Falcon, J. (2016). Les limites du culte de la formation professionnelle: comment le système éducatif suisse reproduit les inégalités socialesFormation-Emploi 133: 35-53

The limits of the cult of vocational education and training : how the Swiss educational system reproduces social inequality

How has social inequality evolved following the expansion of the Swiss educational system during the 20th century ? Our analyses, based on twenty-one surveys undertaken between 1972 and 2013, reveal that, even though the expansion of the educational system favored equality of the access to post-compulsory education, some strong social inequality persists. It proves to be that the Swiss educational system, characterized by numerous vocational education and training tracks, plays an important role in the persistence of these inequalities.

Keywords :

apprenticeshipsocial reproductioneducation systemdemocratisation of educationsocial advancementschool pathsSwitzerland